Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Best of Kenya Adventure Activities

Kenya Adventure
Golf Safaris
Golf is a popular fast growing sport on the African continent, particularly Kenya. Kenya’s golf courses stretch from the beautiful sun-baked beaches of the warm Indian ocean, to the spectacular Great Rift Valley, with its volcanic remnants and visible layers of the earth’s history in the making, to the green central highlands sporting Africa’s second highest mountain peak, to the lush and fertile tea country of the west. Overseas visitors have found Kenya to be an idyllic location for golfing holidays. The weather is beautiful. Golfing in East Africa is much less expensive than in Europe, North America and Asia. The best time to visit Kenya for a golfing holiday is during the rainy season, in the months of March or early April and in late May or early June, October or early November to early December. This is considered a great time as the hotel and resort rates hit their annual low and fewer visitors make for less crowds. Kenya Golf Safaris offers any number of pleasing itineraries, ranging from short day trips to two or three weeks. This is entirely up to the customer weather he chooses a pre-packaged itinerary or selects his own. They are often refereed to as one-week, two-week, with or without time spent at the beach. Almost all packages include game drives. The number of different courses played is reflected in the length of the package.
Camel Racing
Maralal is a staging post on the dusty, rough, red-earthed rough road north to the eastern shore of the lake. Maralal boasts a tiny gem of a game sanctuary actually within the township’s legal boundaries. At a place called Losiolo the valley wall is sheer and vast and almost overwhelming. Trained Camels are available for hire, these barking camels are everywhere being checked out by vets and competitors in advance of races of the next two days. Doctors and Flying Doctor Services insurance is also on offer at very modest charge.
Dolphin Swimming
A dolphin swim depends on a calm sea and dolphins in a playful mood - fortunately a common scenario. Each day trip is a unique experience crafted from the day's ingredients. Dolphins physically catch their food with simple peg-like teeth which are designed for grasping slippery, fast moving animals rather than for chewing and usually the dolphins generally swallow their prey whole. Their stomachs are able to process large chunks of food.

A close encounter with a dolphin in the wild is a thrilling experience and one that stays with people for the rest of their lives. Some dolphins live in remote areas far out to sea but in many areas of the world, they can be encountered just a few meters from the shore. There is something very special about dolphins when watching them in the wild, and it is impossible not to marvel at their complete mastery of the underwater world they call home.
Mount Kenya is the country’s highest mountain. It is a broad, largely symmetrical volcanic cone whose diameter at base is about 120km. It sits astride the equator it’s icy summit reaches to 5199m (10,058ft.). It was formed between 2.6 and 3.1 million years ago by eruptions of successive layers of volcanic lava and agglomerates from central vent in the earths’ surface.
WHEN TO GO: During dry season that is January till mid March and again July through mid October.

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