Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Find a Volunteer or Internship Program

Apply for a community program

Information Communication Technology: - This program Seeks to empower youths and its members with computer skills by training them on the computer use. The Muyog Cyber on the other hand exposes these members to vast information on the internet.
Empowerment:  -Through this program MUYOG undertakes activities that encourage youth to extensively explore any available knowledge, skills and resources for socio-economic development. MUYOG encourages youth to engage in sporting activities and other artistic ventures including music, art and craft,  creative writing as a means for generating livelihood.
Hiv/Aid:  - The purpose of this program is to Empower youth with necessary social and economic knowledge and skills to combat HIV infection and spread
Education: In Kenya, a good number of those who have made it in life (if not all) have their roots premised on a strong education background which is founded on a strong financial backdrop. It is worth noting that a strong education setting is a recipe for a successful life.   

Leadership and Good Governance: The programme, thus, seeks to establish a community forum for exchanging best practices and problematic areas in promoting democratic accountability at local level and enhancing cooperation between local actors and elected leaders.  Through this programme, the voice of the community will be raised through empowerment and strengthening of individual’s and/or group’s capacity to demand political accountability.

Apply online info@muyog.org

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